Welcome to our Blog

Welcome to our Blog
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Tuesday, 11 November 2008


Here are more pictures to enjoy


We recently had an educational visit to Benoni Primary School in Actonville and the children brought us loads of food and blankets and bowls for the animals in our care. We were so lucky!!

They also coloured in these pictures for us and we are sure you will agree that they are really colourful and great

Monday, 29 September 2008


Well it is a month since the dinner dance and we still have to post more photos, but time has been fleeting of late.

Please come back again for a visit in the near future.

We are also busy adding our own web pages at http://www.myspca.co.za so check it out aslo when you get a chance

Sunday, 31 August 2008


Well it has been a long time in organising or so it felt but last night was the culmination of a number of weeks of hard work by all concerned and we had a fantastic night. The Benoni Country Club was the venue for a glittering evening. The venue had been decorated to a fantastic standard by a company called Decor Delight and it certainly was that.

The room was draped in black and white fabric which fell from a glitter ball to the sides of the room giving a feel of a luxurious tented oasis. Tables were in black and silver with centre pieces which rose up and were lit by fairy lights. Sheer magic. Thank you Decor Delight. The picture here does not do justice to the scene.

We had so much input from so many generous people that we will be saying thank you for a long time and I am sure will have a touch of writers cramp.

A stunning cake was made for us by a lady Eugene a great friend of Benoni SPCA.

Eugene created a scene of dogs and birds and small creatures including a pair of lady birds. The bird is sitting on the edge of a bird bath which had a special jelly in it to look like water,
The 60th Birthday was in gold as was Benoni SPCA . This was a master piece of rich fruit cake and transporting it was quite stressful lest we damage it. Thank You Eugene for a stunning cake

We had the donation of a second cake with the SPCA logo as the decoration. Again this lovely sponge was a delight and was donated by Bully’s Biltong & Tuisnywerheid, (home bake shop for non Afrikaans speakers) of Kempton Park. Thank You also for this lovely cake which was eaten by the late nighters and much enjoyed. One good friend had about three slices so I think that is a great testimony to how good it was.

The two little dogs in each corner and the SPCA colours were really special.
Chris our MC really did a great job and even gave advice on how to administer pet medication and the like. Even advising that before trying to use a straw to blow the tablet into the pets mouth you check that it is suitable for human consumption - the medication that is, as so often they just know when to blow and when to suck.
The music for the night was by NIKO a one man band who had disco but who also had a great voice and sang while playing the guitar and sang Elvis, Bee Gees and the like. Dancing was good and we were well entertained through the night.
But our paying guests and special friends were not just let of with this. We had so much more lined up for them, but we will continue that another day with more photos and tales.

Monday, 4 August 2008


These two came in together and when a family was found for them the new owner decided he couldn't just leave one behind. He now has two faithful companions who look very much 'at home' already.

Saturday, 2 August 2008


The AGM has come and gone and it was disappointing to see how few of our members attended.

We duly elected a new Managing Committee with
  • Ruth Hampson as Chair Person,
  • Jessie Farmery as Vice Chair Person,
  • Louise Panton as Company Secretary
  • Kim Heard as Treasurer.
  • Dennese Brooke, member
  • Val Fuller, member

We also have two people who are prepared to serve on the committee and they will be co-opted on at our first meeting which is to be held soon.

We will organise a photo session at the first meeting so that you can meet and greet the volunteers who put in so many hours fund raising and running the SPCA as a business.

We are busy looking to move as you may know and we have found another piece of land which is 7 acres and which we hope we can get passed through the council with no objections. Please keep your fingers crossed for us.

If you have any questions please feel free to email the vice chairperson Jessie who maintains our Blog.


Well we are quite excited as we are busy putting together a web site for BENONI SPCA which we hope will draw lots of visitors to us. So lots more work. to be done. Volunteers anyone???