Welcome to our Blog

Welcome to our Blog
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Saturday, 28 June 2008


Well today I am shattered. We have just spent the morning at our monthly car boot sale and although we only had a few 'boots' we still managed to raise funds by selling soup and rolls, tea, coffee, cold drink, chocolate and sweets.

It is just fantastic to see the response we get. Also it increases the numbers of people coming around the kennels and cattery and so gives our friends more exposure.
Talking of homing one lady came in to visit and brought a picture of the kitten she had adopted a few weeks back. This one had just been back to get spayed as per our terms, but look at this picture of Toki (short for Tokalosh - a naughty spirit in African Culture). The servant of this cat told us she has never had a cat before and Toki had originally been called Annie but due to her naughty behaviour within two weeks had been renamed to Toki

Wednesday, 18 June 2008


Please can you help us with the donation of balls of wool. We have a great lady who knits blankets for our dogs but obviously she needs wool.

If you please send me an email to jessief@wirelessza.co.za


Well it is sad to have to say that Jenny Tyler, Noeline Claire Talbot and Soula Foord have decided to leave the committee. Jenny has been chairperson for two years and we will miss her expertise and enthusiasm.

Ruth Hampson has taken over as acting chair until we have our AGM. She will do a sterling job and is already showing her worth.

Monday, 2 June 2008

Education Education Education

Well it was a great treat speaking with the widlife class at St Dunstans School in Benoni. They were all so enthusiastic in their questioning and they also knew a lot about the animals.

There was some surprise that we deal with more that just cats and dogs. In fact a great deal of our work involves live stock. Also we are getting more and more involved with exotic animals such as iguanas and rare snakes and the like.

We focused on the need for sterilization and how important that is in keeping the number of animals found dumped on our streets and in the veld down.

We also received a donation of food, bowls and toys from the children which will be put to good use by our society.

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